Ant Text for reviso

If you use reviso as your financial system, you can profit from integrating reviso with Ant Text.

There are numerous advantages with this integration:

  • You can send quotations, orders, invoices, creditnotes etc. from your own e-mail address through Microsoft Outlook, so your customers can reply to you on your own e-mail address.
  • Keep track of all sent documents, in your own Microsoft Outlook mailbox.
  • You can automatically use Ant Text templates and attached files, when sending quotations, orders, invoices and creditnotes etc.
  • You can search in both quotations, orders, invoices and creditnotes etc. all at once, and thus get a better overview.

Before you can start using Ant Text reviso app, you must follow these 2 steps:

How does Ant Text reviso app work?

Now that the configuration of Ant Text reviso app is complete, your screen will look like this:

The left part of the screen is your "work area" which contains all the different reviso document types, that can be used with Ant Text.

Your "work area" is divided into sections for each type of document, and a search bar at the top.

You can search for orderno., invoiceno., customerno. and the customers name, in all of the different document types, at the same time.

By clicking on a section, in this case "Quotations" and "Orders", the section will be expanded, and you can see all the documents contained in the selected section.

The right part of the screen is divided into "action":

And "Ant Text templates" and "Help for Ant Text".

Sending your first reviso document with Ant Text

Select those documents that you wish to send:

  • The checkmark besides the document will now be checked.

  • When pressing the button ”Send selected document”, Outlook will open and launch a new e-mail, and the first selected document will automatically be inserted as an attached file.
  • At the same time your Ant Text template will be inserted into your e-mail, depending on which shortcut key that is defined under "Ant Text templates"

For each type of document, you can define which Ant Text shortcut key, that automatically should be used when you send your document.

In the example below we have chosen to send an invoice with Ant Text template "l"

Your new e-mail will now be send to your customer with your company as sender, and can always be found in your "sent items" folder in Outlook.

Automatic processing of your documents

Not only does Ant Text send your document, it also processes them, in order to make your work routines easier.

This is done in the following way:

  • When you send a quotation, the quotation will be marked as "Sent" in reviso.
  • When you send an order, the order will be marked as "Sent" in reviso.
  • When you send an invoice, the invoice will automatically be booked in reviso.
  • When you send a creditnote, the creditnote will automatically be booked in reviso.
You can always find sent quotations and orders, as well as booked invoices and creditnotes, and send them again under the relevant sections in Ant Text.

Ant Text also helps you with keeping track of when you have sent the e-mail from your Outlook.

Have fun!

We hope that you will enjoy our Ant Text reviso app, and if you have any questions or ideas, you are more than welcome to contact us at