Ant Text installation, it only takes a few minutes.

Follow these steps to install Ant Text

  • Close all programs, Outlook inclusive.
  • Click the logo and download Ant Text.
  • Right click the setup.exe file and choose "Run as administrator"
  • Use this link to setup.exe if Ant Text should be installed on more than one client.
  • Start Outlook.
  • Press new e-mail and select the Ant Text toolbar in the top:

  • The Ant Text default toolbar will now be displayed:

  • Read the menu items one by one in the section ”Ant Text Guide”, before you go any further.
  • You might want to download and use our sample folder, for a quicker impression of how Ant Text works.
  • If you download our sample folder, then you will have to unzip the folder, to a folder on your own pc, for instance: ”c:\AntText\Sample\”.
  • You should, as a minimum read the guides ”Welcome" and "Get Started” in the ”Ant Text Guide”. Then you will be up and running within few minutes.

All news and updates will be inserted in the section “Ant Text Guide”, so please check this menu occasionally, to keep yourself updated.