Attach files

Ant Text can automatically attach files to your e-mails as follows:

  • Start your Windows Explorer and locate the folder ”Houses” – “Sale”, which we created in the ”Get started” guide.
  • In the folder ”Sale” we have created an Ant Text called ”Sales Terms#J.docx”
  • Create a new folder here, called ”Sales Terms#JAttachments”
  • The folder name must be exactly the same as the Ant Text file, but added with ”Attachments”

  • Insert those files that you wish to be automatically attached to your e-mail, in the ”Sales Terms#JAttachments” folder.

  • In this example we have chosen the files ”Delivery terms.pdf” and ”Sales terms.pdf”.
  • Restart Outlook and select the Ant Text toolbar.
  • Select ”Sale” in the section ”Houses”
  • Now the file ”Sales Terms” is shown.

  • Hold the ALT key down, and press A and S to search for the shortcut keys.

    In the column ”Ant Text” there is now shown a ”J”, next to the document, that we have inserted in the ”Sale” folder.
  • Press ”J” and ”Enter”, and our ”Sales Terms” Ant Text will be inserted into your e-mail.

    However, please note that your files “Delivery terms.pdf” and “Sales terms.pdf” has been automatically attached to your e-mail as well.

With a very few keypresses or mouse clicks, we have now automatically created your e-mail, and at the same time ensured that the correct files are attached to your e-mail.

The only thing you need to do now, is to enter the recipient of your e-mail and the subject line.

Can it be any easier to write your e-mails?