Ant XL

If you are using Excel together with your companys ERP systems, you can definitely use Ant XL.

This is because Ant XL gives you an unique opportunity to send personal and great looking e-mails, to all of your customers or contacts at once, while at the same time preserving the personal connection.

Would you like to be able to send professional and personal e-mails to a selection of e-mail addresses, such as this:

And do you have an Excel sheet which contains your recipients e-mail addresses, like this:

Then read on to find out how to accomplish this.


Before you can start using Ant XL, you must follow these steps:

How do I do?

First you have to start Outlook and activate Ant XL in Ant Text. You can do this by following this illustration:

When you have done this, the Ant XL icon will be added to the menu to the right, and when you click this icon, your screen will look like this:

Here you have to do the following:

  • First you have to select the Excel sheet which contains a column with the e-mail addresses that you wish to send to.
  • Next step is to define which column in the selected Excel sheet, that contains the e-mail addresses. In this case "D".
  • Then you have to select the Ant Text template to be used.
  • Finally you have to write a default subject for your e-mails. Please remember that you can use merge fields in your Ant Text template which will replace this subject.

Now you can click the button "Test settings", which will display an e-mail to the first recipient in your Excel sheet, but it will not automatically be sent.

If the e-mail does not look like you want it to look, you can just close this e-mail and correct those things, that you wish to change. Then you can click "Test settings" again, until your are satisfied with the result.

If the e-mail looks correct, then click the button "Send e-mails" and your e-mail will be sent to all of the e-mail addresses in your Excel sheet.

Merge fields

To make your e-mails more personal, you can use merge fields from your Excel sheet, in your Ant Text template..

In this example the above illustrated Ant Text template was made in MS word, and looks like this:

Please note the content in the red frames.

In the top most frame the merge field "[#EXCEL-COL:C#]" is inserted. This means that this merge field will be replaced with the content from column "C" in your Excel sheet.

So if we take a look at the Excel sheet at the top of this page, we can see that in column "C" in the sheet contains the name "Antonio" and in column "D" the e-mail address is "".

You can have as many merge fields in you Ant Text template, and columns in you Excel sheet, as you need.

The content of the frame at the bottom, is a little bit different. Here there is a generel merge field which is:

"[#SUBJECT#]Dear [#EXCEL-COL:C#], you are invited to our open house event.[#/SUBJECT#]".

The merge field "[#SUBJECT#]" means that the text within this tag, will be set in your e-mails subject, and not be displayed in your e-mails body text.

Please note that you also can use the merge fields from your Excel sheet in between "[#SUBJECT#]" and "[#/SUBJECT#]".

Do you need any help?
Ant Text with Ant XL can be used for many purposes. In this case it's about sending out invites, but also press releases, product news, info regarding sale of older stock etc. could be sent in this way.

There are many ways in which Ant XL can be used, but we cannot all be experts in everything. This is why we very much would like to help you get started with Ant Text, and transfer your ideas into practice.

You can contact us at, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.