More information about Ant Text
Ant Text Outlook add-in is a quick, efficient and elegant way, of inserting shared texts and files into a new e-mail. It is a productivity tool for all who repeatedly writes the same e-mails, over and over again. Save time and ensure a uniform communication with your clients.

Ant Text is suitable from employee to CEO, and provides huge advantages for the entire organisation.

Advantages with using Ant Text
  • Ensure quality and consistency in e-mails
  • Avoid unnessecary searching for e-mails and files
  • Improvement of customerservice and communication with your clients
  • Reduce errors when retyping content of e-mails
  • Seamless integration with many CRM, HR and ERP systems
Ant Text - a productivity tool

We introduce Ant Text as a continuation of our strategy to improve the Office experience for our clients. Ant Text is a productivity tool that saves your business time, when identical e-mail texts and files are frequently sent.

Whether you are a Lawyer, Accountant, Electrician, Locksmith, Painter or something entirely else, you will gain value by using Ant Text, when you repeatedly write the same e-mail texts. E-mails have never been easier to find and send when you have the need.

Quick implementation, easy to get started with, no extra training, flexible integrations as well as a very competetive price.

Office 365 integration

Exploit your Office 365 OneDrive for business or Sharepoint in order to share all of your frequently used texts and files in your business with Ant Text. Only maintain your texts and files in one place.

Effeciency and access in a few minutes - It really is as simple as that.

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