Shortcut keys in Ant Text

If you create shortcut keys for your Ant Texts, you will be able to write your e-mails even faster.

Rename the filenames of your documents in this way:

  • Find the Ant Text file ”New Client.docx” that you created in ”Get started
  • Rename this file to ”New Client#H.docx

  • Restart Outlook.
  • Create a new mail in Outlook.
  • Hold the ALT key down and press A and S.
  • You will now automatically get to the Ant Text toolbar with the search dialog displayed.

  • In the column”Ant Text”, you will now see a ”H” next to the document ”New Client” which you have inserted under the “Presale” folder.
  • Press ”H” and ”enter” and your Ant Text contained in ”New Client#H.docx” will be inserted into your e-mail.

By using shortcut keys, you can easier, faster and more efficient write your e-mails.

Another option you have, is the automatic attachment of files to your e-mails.

Read more about this in the next guide: “Attach files"